Club Activities

Knowledge is to the mind, what food is to the soul. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily college routine-classes, exams and assignments a feast to the mind can really rejenuvate weary students. That's the objective of club activities in our esteemed institution.


The club conducted the activity “Genesis” on 18th July 2018. The main objective of this activity was to analyse and discuss the goals set by the U.N as part of the new sustainable development agenda, whose goals are specifically targeted to be achieved by various nations by 2030. The “ARETE”, an ECO-SOC Quiz was conducted on 1st August 2018. The objective of organising this activity is to identify the most effective candidate, who inculcates a principle for living life and focuses on the quality of everything he/she does and experiences it.

Maths Club

The aim of this club is to motivate and to nurture the interested students to excel in the field of Mathematics and its application. The club conducts various seminars and workshops to stimulate the awareness and interest in the field of Mathematics. The Mathematics club also conducts various competitions among the Mathematics club members and is performing dual role by inculcating arithmetic ability as well as logical thinking among the club members. The members of Mathematics club have participated in various colleges and universities and they have won many prizes.

English Club

The English Club provides the students a fun filled environment apart from their regular curriculum. It enables the students to develop a better vocabulary. It enables the students to outperform their speaking skills in a stipulated time. The club provides a platform to show case their hidden talents.


Every person has a special affinity to their mother tongue. It is the language that every child starts his or her life with. All our thoughts are best expressed in our mother tongue. In deference to this, our college has always stressed the importance of TAMIL.


The Quiz club in St. Joseph's Institute of Technology is an awesome niche comprising of the most curious and sharpest minds in the college. The quiz club conducts quiz sessions in regular periods of time with the events being conducted by the students themselves enabling them to act as quiz masters and hosts. The winners are awarded with cash awards and certificates.