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Every skill must be given an outlet to shine, and our college has a club for just about any special skill. For the students interested in honing their knowledge, we have the Maths club, the Science club, the Quiz club, the Robotics club, the Current Affairs club, and the Google club. For students interested in recreation we have the Fine Arts club, the Dramatic club, the Dance club, and the Music club. For a lover of the language, we have the Tamil club and the English club. For students interested in business and politics, we have the Entrepreneurs club, the Mock Parliament club, the Eco Soc club and the Model United Nations club. Each club focuses on bringing out the best our students have to offer.

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The English Club

The brain child of our beloved Chairman, The English Club has functioned successfully with the ultimate aim of nurturing creativity and individuality in students. The club hosts interesting events of varying degrees of complexity for various departments in the college. It is primarily run by students with the coordination and occasional input of faculty advisors who monitor the activities of the club and act as mentors. The members of the club are selected by means of a screening test to assess the proficiency of students in all four skills. The results of the tests are used to provide constructive criticism and to facilitate the improvement of their skills. They are also encouraged to identify their likes and dislikes. One-on-one meetings are also usually arranged between the senior members and the freshers to help them ease into the club activities and identify potential areas of expertise.

The students are encouraged by giving a cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events. The activities and events are designed around the collective vision of the group. The English club is an ever- growing, ever-changing, ever-expanding collection of individuals who strive to see their creative ideals come to fruition.

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Maths Club

St. Joseph´s Mathematics club (JMC) was inaugurated by our Chairman with the aim of motivating and nurturing the interested students to excel in the field of Mathematics and its application. This initiative was made possible through the never ending efforts of our beloved Chairman. The club conducts various seminars and workshops to stimulate the awareness and interest in the field. The painstaking efforts of the club to spread the joy of mathematics are not limited to our college. In fact, JMC organizes a national level mathematical symposium JET SIGMA every year. The student coordinators of JMC conduct various events such as mathematical quiz, DumbC, Crossword, Adzap and Olympiad under the guidance of the staff members. The club attempts to inculcate arithmetic ability as well as logical thinking among the club members. Events like Adzap, DumbC are to widen the creative thinking of the students. We encourage the students by a giving cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events. Every year the interested first year students are inducted into the Mathematics club on the basis of an aptitude test conducted by department faculties in coordination with the senior club members. The senior students share their experience in facing the different competitions conducted by various colleges and universities in India. The members of Mathematics club have participated in various colleges and universities and they have won many prizes.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club was established to test and push the boundaries of knowledge as we know it, and to provide a place for students who wished to be a part of it. The candidates are subjected to a screening test after which they are tested through interviews. The quiz club is a student run club which consists of student members and Faculty advisors, with the senior members acting as Quiz Masters. The Quiz club meets regularly and conducts a quiz on a wide umbrella of subjects, from technical topics to topics on sports and entertainment. We encourage the students by giving a cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events. The members of the club participate in the preliminary tests to qualify for the Final Quizzing fest to be conducted at the end of the year. The members of the club also participate in various quiz competitions, technical or otherwise, conducted all over Tamilnadu.

The Tamil Club

The Tamil club is a fun loving club. The club serves as an outlet for students seeking to escape the harsh realities of everyday life. The club inculcates personality development with the activities it organizes, while simultaneously taking the students minds off pressing concerns. Events hosted by the Tamil Club like "Karpanai Thiran" will widen the creative thinking of the students while "Aruvai Potti" attempts to kindle the sparks of humour, "Engum Thamizha" takes on a more vigilant role and talks about awareness, while "Saigai thiran" presses students to understand societal dilemmas and take decision. Students are encouraged with a cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events. The debating club of our college takes keen interest in training the oratorical ability of our students. They have come out in flying colours in many debates and essay writing competitions sponsored by various organizations. A special endeavour taken by the Tamil Club is the debate competition held in loving memory of the deceased Dr. M. G. Ramachandran. The club has encouraged values of team work, leadership, planning and organization among its members.