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Total Area:

Our College spreads over a built-up area of 11.76 Lakh square feet, which is divided among the Classroom Block, Lab Blocks, Administrative Block, Placement and Training block, Exam Block, the gender specific Dining Halls and Auditorium, Hostel Blocks, Sports Village, Transport and Trinity.

S.No Description Area (sq.feet)
1 Class Rooms- 82 144000
2 Labs & Workshops 260000
3 Exam Halls and Controller office 50000
4 Administrative Block 36000
5 Visitors Lounge 3000
6 Staff Rooms-14 15000
7 Conference Halls - 6 40000
8 Library 36000
9 Book Bank 10000
10 Research and Development 3000
11 Placement and Training 15000
12 A V Hall 4000
13 Department of Physical education 1000
14 Mess Halls 70000
15 Kitchen Areas 35000
16 Mess Workers Staying Area 25000
17 Ladies Hostel – 184 rooms 206080
18 Ladies Hostel Entertainment zone 10000
19 Gents Hostel – 244 rooms 310350
20 Gents Hostel  Entertainment zone 15000
21 NSS, ABHS, Binding , Reception and Security 10000
22 Transport Workshop, Trinity, Bakery, Carpentry, Generator rooms 12000
23 Indoor Stadium 60000
24 Gym 3000
25 Beauty Parlour, Bank and Dispensary 1000
26 All Stores 1500
27 Toilets in all blocks 25000
28 Atrium 3000
29 Circulating Area and Veranda 110000
Total 1513930

Boys Hostel:

The college has hostel facilities for boys. Exclusively, two blocks are provided for the boys. The boys hostel is of 3,10,350 sq.ft and has 244 rooms spread over three floors. Water heaters will be switched on from October to February

No of Blocks 2
Total area 3,10,350 Sq. Ft
No of rooms 244

Girls Hostel:

The college has separate hostel for girls. Exclusively, two blocks are provided for girls. The girls hostel is of 2,06,080 sq.ft and has 164 rooms spread over three floors. Water heaters will be switched on from October to February.

No of Blocks 2
Total area 2,06,080 Sq. Ft
No of rooms 164

  • Gym
  • Internet connectivity
  • Laundry facilities
  • Newspapers
  • Intercom facility - parents can directly get connected to their ward's room
  • Saloon and Beauty Parlour
  • Monthly Outing by College Transport
  • One Movie is screened every month
  • Separate hostel block for first year students
  • Water Heaters (switched on from October to February)
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Classroom and Lab Blocks:

Our College spreads over an area of 11.76 Lakh square feet, which is divided among six major blocks i.e. the lab blocks, the classroom block, the exam block, Admin Block, placement and training block, and the gender specific dining and hostel blocks.

Now out of the total area the classroom block alone accounts for 1.44 lakh square feet. There are about 82 classrooms each one of which has been well planned and furnished with the table, benches and blackboard at the right position so as to offer the student maximum comfort that can help them concentrate on the classes being taught without any difficulty.

The Ventilation and Lighting in every classroom has been made as perfect as possible so that it keeps the student warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Apart from these classrooms there are a total of 14 staff rooms computing to an area of 15,000 square feet each of which are strategically placed at every floor so that the students can approach the teachers for any queries and guidance whenever they want.

The next block which holds as much importance as the Classroom block is the Lab Block, covering an area over 2.60 Lakh square feet, the Lab Block is where you will find most of the innovators and aspiring techies of our college spending their time. There are two lab blocks in total, one of which primarily houses the facilities for the CSE, IT, CIVIL and MECH department while the other takes care of the EEE, ECE and Science departments.

Each and every lab has been equipped with the latest techs, gadgets and instruments that not only help the students to perform their lab activities with maximum efficiency but also serve as a tool for helping them create new and better technologies. These labs help our students to reinvent and provide them a way to keep in touch with the changing practicalities of the technical world.

Total area of the classroom block 1.44 lakh Sq. Ft.
Number of classrooms 82
Number of Staff rooms 19
Total area of the lab blocks 2.60 Lakh Sq. Ft.
Number of labs and workshops 50
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Conference Halls

  • There are 6 conference halls with an area wide spread of 34,000 sq. feet.
  • All A/c halls are equipped with the latest teaching aids like LCD, slide and overhead projector
  • Conference halls can be used to conduct guest lectures Symposiums, seminars, etc
  • Educational cassettes are also projected in these theatres in consultation with subject staff.
  • Movies are also screened in the theatre for hostel students on holidays.

We have a 60,000 sq.ft indoor auditorium with a fully inbuilt sound system and lighting.This auditorium is used for all important college events such as convocation,college day etc... During normal days, it can be used by the students to play indoor games like badminton and tabletennis

AV Theatres and Conference Halls

Audio Visual Theatre 1 400 seats
Audio Visual Theatre 2 425 seats
Audio Visual Theatre 3 875 seats
Conference Hall 1 350 seats
Conference Hall 2 450 seats
Conference Hall 3 375 seats

All the Audio Visual Theatres and Conference Halls are equipped with Audio Visual aids and Air-conditioning for conducting various Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities.

Indoor Auditorium

  • Total area - 60,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Seating Capacity - 3500

The Air-conditioned Indoor Auditorium with modern sound system and lighting equipped with LCD projectors, is used for all important college events such as Convocation, College Day, etc.


Our strength lies in differences not in similarities.

St. Joseph's believes in honouring the differences through our Tricolour Trinity

A place of worship and peace and the epitome of inclusion and co-existence -- The three major religions of our country are represented in the Trinity in their proud colours and traditional forms near the very entrance of our college.

Important festivals of all major religions are celebrated in grand manner in the campus and delicious food is served to all the students and staff members. The Chairman, along with his family, participates in the festivities and graces the occasion.