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Internet Facilities

More than 500 computers with internet connectivity
Hostel students can access internet on holidays and after working hours
Entire campus is connected with Wi-Fi facilities

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Exceptional transport facilities - 37 buses are equipped with speed governor and first aid facilities

Separate buses for First year students

Covers all routes for both students and staff in the Chennai city and the suburbs

Reduces the number of accidents and late comers to the college

Transport maintenance facilities available in the campus itself for

  • All services and repairs
  • Bus-body building
  • Painting
  • Tinkering
  • Body parts building
  • Battery assembly and manufacturing
  • Tyre section and mechanical works
  • Water wash and grease packing

Diesel bunk inside the campus supplies diesel for all the buses

Well-maintained Buses with experienced drivers

An efficient transportation service covering every nook and corner of the city as well as the suburbs (Manali, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu, Red Hills, Kalpakkam, etc)

Transport facilities are also provided for Industrial Visits, Off-campus interviews and Hostel monthly outings.

In addition to buses, Shuttle vans, Water tankers, JCBs, Tractors, Tempos, Lorries, Cars and SUVs are available for fulfilling all the transport requirements of the college.

Show Routes

Our college strongly believes in the notion that exercise doesn't shape your body alone, it enhances your mood, attitude and mind too. That is why our college facilitates not one but three gyms each catering to the specific requirements of the students.

Basic gym:

The Basic gym was mainly designed for beginners with sufficient weight training equipment and dumbbells, where well trained trainers will teach the exercises to the beginners which are prescribed by Physiotherapist.

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Advanced gym:

This gym designed for sports players, body builders and those who are well trained in basic gym. All the equipment is imported and hydraulic coaches and physiotherapists will teach the exercises and train the players individually.

Women's gym:

Special attention has been given to women's health and that's why we have created separate gym for women. This gym is mainly for women who want to lose weight, improve general fitness and body strengthening. All the exercises and routine are monitored by Physiotherapist.

Fitness & Physiotherapy :

In our college physical therapy and rehabilitation centre will help and treat the students in the following ways: weight management, posture corrections and cure for sports injuries and correct re-positioned bones.


The college campus has been designed to provide for every student's need.

An extension counter of Indian Bank is made available inthe college campus itself.

2 ATM centres are available (6 AM – 6 PM) in the campus, separately for Boys and Girls

It is mandatory for the hostel students to have a bank account.

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The college campus has a well-stocked and well-equipped Dispensary with exceptional medical facilities to provide for every ailment under the sun along with a certified and established doctor on-call. A separate sick bay is provided for girls to rest. Specially prepared food is also provided for students who are unwell or have dietary restrictions

Beauty parlour

Who doesn't like to look great and make the best First impression!
To groom themselves to an appealing and professional look, the students have a beauty parlour which offers all grooming at affordable rates.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Water, the most essential partof our life, is provided in the purest format St. Joseph's to quench our thirst and maintain our health

3 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment plants have been set up at a cost of R 7 Lakhs each.

The water quality is maintained at 50 PPM – same as bottled water.

The RO plants produce 48,000 litres per day at a rate of 1500 litres hour from each plant.

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Generators Room

To ensure smooth and comfortable functioning of any institution, the primary requirement is uninterrupted power supply. St. Joseph's ensures that everyone in the campus enjoys it with

  • Custom built transformers with a capacity of 1500 KVA
  • Dedicated High Tension line with a capacity of 500 KVA for College and Hostel needs
  • Dedicated power system consisting of 2 units with a capacity of 220 KVA Generators of 500 KVA and 315 KVA

Sewage Treatment Plant

St. Joseph's concentrates on every small little thing with utmost care and concern. We go by the principle "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle".

A Sewage Treatment Plant has been set up with a project cost of Rs. 20 Lakhs with an output of 2.1 Lakhs litres per day. The sewage water is treated and reused in gardens.