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CTS student club is an initiative by the COGNIZANT in association with over 15 colleges across Tamil Nadu for the facilitation of innovation among students, the aspiring engineers. This club focuses on bridging the gap between students and the IT industries by providing an exposure of the corporate culture for making the student industrial ready. 

The CTS student club aims at improving the technical and business skillset of fellow students by hosting and organizing events and workshops and thus gain relevant industry experience. The program stands a foundation for developing skills for students towards employability. In addition to workshops, the members also visit schools and spread knowledge of the booming technologies.


Nagarjun. M of 3rd year, of CSE and Arockia Praveen J B of 3rd year, of IT, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, St Joseph’s Group of Institutions were the leads for the academic year 2019-20. This club targets pre-final year students of IT and CSE departments. The student members are selected through a screening test that evaluates their coding ability and logical knowledge.The student members of this club are assigned with tasks from Cognizant every month and points will be awarded to the particular college based on their performance and activities. The CTS student club logo and website/portal are designed by the student club members. A report is submitted to Cognizant HR on the activities, workshops and events hosted every month.The active members are given the opportunity to meet and interact with the IT professionals at Cognizant. CTS club conducted 45+ events like workshops on AI and IoT, hackathon, aptitude tests, mock interview, group discussions, paper presentation and project displays. Allthemembersof the club are recognised and certified by Cognizant at the end of the 7th semester. All students with active performance and with a good calibre are identified for placement offers by Cognizant with good salary packages.

St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology

The Cognizant student club is launched to bridge the gap between the college students and the corporate to identify the best talents via continuous evaluation. This club from St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology collaboratively had students from both IT and CSE departments. Visnunathan C of 3rd year, of CSE and Seetha Raman C of 3rd year, of IT, St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology, They select the pre-final year students for enhancing their skills and get prepared for placement. There was a dedicated mentor and SPOC for this club from CTS.

St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology CTS CLUB secured the 5th place in ‘BEST PERFORMING COLLEGE’ with a total score of 2275 in 2019. Seetharaman C of 3rd year IT was appreciated for his continual performance and was declared the BEST MENTOR AWARD of the year 2019-20.

The secret to success is the willingness to serve without aspiring for rewards, and we believe this was the main motivation for everybody in the club to achieve success at the end of the day.

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