Inplant training is an extracurricular activity which enhances the academic experience. It provides hands-on exposure for Engineering students before graduation. Through IPT, students can apply their theoretical knowledge to achieve practical solutions to real-world problems. IPT equips students to be able to adapt in the corporate world quickly and effectively.

Academic Year 2022-23

Academic Year 2021-22

Company Name Type Number of Students
NSIC-Technical Service center Internship 80
Learnovate Ecommerce Internship 12
Verzeo Internship 7
Exposys data Internship 7
Shiash info solution Internship 5

Academic Year 2020-21

Company Name Type Number of Students
TSC-Technical Servic center Internship 53
Kaashiv infotech Internship 3
Dermovact Internship 8

Academic Year 2019-20

Company Name Type Number of Students
Retech solutions Internship 24
Stigmata Internship 16
Kaashiv infotech Internship 5
NLC Internship 2
code bind Internship 5
NSIC Internship 5

Academic Year 2018-19

Company Name Type Number of Students
Infosys, Mysore On-the-Job Training 12
Zoho (Non-Technical) On-the-Job Training 1
LTI, Full Creative On-the-Job Training 2
Verizon, Chennai On-the-Job Training 1
Wipro, Chennai On-the-Job Training 1
Freshworks On-the-Job Training 2

Academic Year 2017-18

Company Name Type Number of Students
Zoho On-the-Job Training 1
Tata Communications On-the-Job Training 1
Amphisoft On-the-Job Training 1
EmpedUR On-the-Job Training 1

Academic Year 2015-16

Company Name Domain Number of Students
HCL CDC Hardware & Networking
Ethical Hacking
Cloud Computing
Elysium Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Web Designing
Android App Development
Aargee Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Hardware and Networking 1