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St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology (IC201810504) has established Institution Innovation Council (IIC) as per the norms of Innovation Cell, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, during IIC Calendar year 2018-19. The Main aim of IIC is to mentor and spread awareness on fostering innovation at Institute level. The Activities of Ill care to organize and submit reports on various activities such as innovation, IPA Start-ups and EDP related activities. Our college was listed with a FourStar Rating of southern/SRO zone Institution Innovation Council (IIC) for undertaking various activities prescribed by Innovation Cell, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, to promote Innovation and Start-up in campus during the IIC calendar year 2018-19. In the academic year 2019-2020 we have conducted various MIC driven and Self Driven activities for Quarter 1 and Quarter II. Our institute has Secured 24.99 out of 25 with the reward points of 666 in 1st Quarter.


The Birthday anniversaryof Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was celebrated as INNOVATION DAY to inspire young minds to have innovative thoughts through various activities which was conducted on 15th October 2019. Students faced challenges and learnt through various activities and cultivated the habit of providing innovative and smart solutions to various reallife problems.


“One-Day Hands on Training on Machine Learning” was organized on 23rd August 2019 as IIC Self Driven Activity. The main objective of this program was to give a clear introduction to Machine Learning. Students learnt the basics of Machine Learning and new frame works in machine learning.


Campus Hackathon was organized to motivate the students towards research and innovation on 14th September 2019. Students faced their competitors with like minds, exhibited their project, and learnt many things through challenges.


A CYBERTHON 2019 was organized on 6th September 2019 as a part of IIC Self-Driven activity to test the students in the field of cyber security and to create cyber awareness among the young generation. Student’s learnt about the Cyber Security and the ways to protect them from cyber-crime.


The Main objective of this program was to create awareness among students about Entrepreneurship. Students learnt how to grow into a successful entrepreneur. Life experience of an alumni entrepreneur was also shared to give them an overall idea about the entrepreneurship. Various successful entrepreneurs were invited to motivate the students.


Ms. Bhavani Ravi who is a Research Engineer - Ambassdor Women tech makers, Chennai, was invited to give a Motivational Speech and to share her story. The main aim of this event is to make students know about the challenges faced and Experience of an Entrepreneur. Students came to know about the struggles and the life experiences of an entrepreneur.


The coding contest was conducted to develop and test the Critical Thinking of the students and to improve their ability. Students learn to manage time and develop the ability to code within the given time. This improves their thinking and analytical ability


A self-learning activity was conducted as IIC Self-Driven Activity. The Objective of this event is to induce the Self-Learning Habit among the students. Students not only gained the knowledge about the new technology but also learned the concepts themselves and thus engaging in the self-learning.


Dr. Dafni Rose J, Dr. Kalarani S, Dr. Menaka Pushpa A and Mr. Praveen Kumar E have Successfully Completed Training on “PreIncubations & Incubation Management” conducted as part of IIC Innovation Ambassador Training Series organized by Institution’s Innovation Council of MHRD’s Innovation Cell, AICTE, held at RMK Engineering College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 8th & 9th January 2020