Club Activities

Knowledge is to the mind, what food is to the soul. 'To strive, to seek, to find and notto yield'. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily college routine-classes, exams andassignments a feast to the mind can really rejunuvate weary students. That's the objective ofclub activities in our esteemed institution St. Joseph's Institute of Technology. Apart from differentclubs like Maths club, English club, Quiz club and Tamil club, we have started an initiative to inaugurate Environmental Management Club with which students can find their responsibility in social perspective.

Environmental Management Club

The aim of this club is to motivate and to nurture the interested students to excel inthe field ofenvironmental management and its application. The club conducts various seminars andworkshops to stimulate the awareness and interest in the field of Environmental Engineering and Management. The student coordinators will be assigned to conduct various events of the club that makes them to act as good leaders and develop leadership qualitiesunder the guidance of thestaff members. The student becomes socially conscious and globally competentwith value-based integrated courses. All the reflections of environment were keenly observed and an engineering solution has to be framed. Events planned in the upcoming semester are quiz, presentations, model making and product development ideas.As a token ofappreciation, Cash prizes are awarded and merit certificates are issued for the winners of theevents. In the following years, with The Almighty's blessings and our Chairman's neverending support and guidance, Our students will shine not only in our institution but in everynook and corner of the world which boasts of our presence – JOSEPHITES.