25 Jan, 2018

Mr. Santhosh Palavesh, Founder & CEO of UMM Digital

​He started with a talk on how he was inspired to start his dream company. He spoke about the different problems that he faced when he started his venture. He also encouraged the students to take up business not see it as a risk and how it helped him that he started his business at college level. He concluded by offering to mentor any student who is under his area of expertise.


25 Jan, 2018

Mrs.Jayashri Krishnan, CEO of D’Organica Garden Shoppee

She began our entrepreneurship awareness camp with a presentation of all her work and achievement. She spoke about her first challenge on setting up a stall in a grand exhibition and about how she converted a risk into an opportunity to grow. She concluded her speech by talking about the current trends in terrace gardening.


25 Jan, 2018

Dr.Kavitha Sairam, CEO & Director FIBSOL Life Technologies

She is currently a Bio-Incubator at IIT Madras Incubation Cell, Chennai. She spoke about different aspects involved in starting a business and how an incubation cell has helped her. She continued by explaining the importance of a team formation and how a good team helped her in looking at her business from different perspectives. She ran through a presentation on her company’s major contribution to the field of agriculture and to the farmers. Her innovation was a great inspiration to the students.


4th September, 2018

Mr.Ranjith Baba, Owner of OMR Food Street

Mr. Ranjith Baba is Well educated with Bachelors and Master’s Degree in CEG, Anna University and National University of Singapore respectively. He has won Toastmasters International award for best speaker and has also written books on Entrepreneur Development. He is the brand owner for the well-known OMR Food Streets. OMR Food Street in Chennai is a drive-in & drive-thru hub for foodies, with a specialty of serving up street food recipes from around India, making it the best street food joint in Chennai.


15 September, 2018

Mr.Arun Prakash, Founder and CEO of Guvi Technologies

Arunprakash brings over 14 years of technical expertise and also his passion towards sharing the knowledge. He started his professional career with Honeywell-Aerospace and has a vast industrial experience in KLA-Tencor - Semiconductor Automation, Kalido - Data warehousing, PayPal - Risk & Analytics and Symantec - Partner Engineering.Arun focuses on the technology behind the GUVI platform. Arun was recently recognized as Youth Icon in IYONS international summit.

It’s the dream of many entrepreneurs: Get rich, buy a vineyard, kick back on the porch and relax with a glass of your own wine....